Who runs Termo Records?

Lars Fredrik Frøislie and Jacob Holm-Lupo do. Between us we have about 30 years of experience in the business of making albums. In 2007 we decided to take matters into our own hands and start our own label. Termo Records is a label for music we really, really love. It can be our own projects, our friends' projects or some brilliant artist or band we stumble upon. The common denominator is that we apreciate solid songwriting, solid musicianship and solid production. In all our releases we focus on audio quality as well as design. We want all our albums to sound great and look great so that they can offer a unique aesthetic experience to those who decide to own them.

Lars is a keyboardist, drummer, producer and songwriter whose bands include Wobbler, Tusmørke and Three Winters.

Jacob is a guitarist, producer and songwriter whose bands include White Willow and The Opium Cartel.