Wobbler's Afterglow on vinyl!

Origianally released in 2009 in black and blue vinyl, then remixed and remastered by Lars in 2015 and finally now in 2017 released in transparent/clear vinyl. Limited to 300 copies, this is must-have for fans of who insist on their progressive rock being on vinyl.


Afterglow; Now on Vinyl!

  • Haakon Ellingsen: Orkaner Og Fuglesang

    Out Now! Orkaner Og Fuglesang by Haakon Ellingsen

  • White Willow: Storm Season

    Out Now! Storm Season by White Willow (Expanded Edition)

  • Three Witner: Chroma

    Out Now! Three Winter's Chroma

Wobbler's Hinterland available on vinyl!

Wobbler: Hinterland

This album was originally released in 2005 only on CD, so it was about time this was released on vinyl (2LP). It's very high quality vinyl and thick gatefold cover. The album has been remixed and remastered, and has never sounded better! Go to our shop to check it out.

Wobbler's Afterglow and Rites at Dawn remixed

Wobbler Remixes

We are extremely happy to announce that Wobbler's seminal second album Afterglow has gotten a complete remix from original producer Lars Fredrik Frøislie. Says he: "With my current studio setup I was finally able to achieve the sound I originally wanted. I feel that the album finally breathes the way it was supposed to, with much better dynamics. I have also included some overdubs from the original recording that were left out in the first mix. We think you will see the album in a whole new light now". In the same go he also remixed the best-selling third album Rites at Dawn. "I cleaned up the sound and arrangements a bit. There's a lot more space and clarity now", says Lars of the remix.

Hop on over to our shop and get these before they sell out, as Wobbler's stuff tends to go quickly.

New album from Haakon Ellingsen

Haakon Ellingsen: Orkaner Og Fuglesang

Termo Records is very pleased to announce that singer/songwriter Haakon Ellingsen (When, The Last James) is releasing his new album on the 29th of May. After the critically acclaimed albums Bounty and The Plum Album, he is now doing a Norwegian language album, and it is without a doubt his best yet. Combining sunny folk rock with baroque pop arrangements with strings and harpsichords in the proud tradition of The Left Banke and The Beatles, a dash of prog and even a bit of 70's rock swagger a la Led Zeppelin, this album encompasses everything we at Termo like about music.